Tablix Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
chromo_tChromosome structure
domain_tDomain structure
ext_tExtension structure
fitnessfunc_tStructure describing a fitness function
miscinfo_tStructure holding miscellaneous information about the timetable
module_tInformation about a module
modulehandler_tStructure describing a restriction handler
modulelist_tInformation about loaded modules
moduleoption_tStructure holding a module option
outputext_tOutput extension structure
population_tPopulation structure
precalcfunc_tStructure describing a precalculate function
resource_tResource structure
resourcetype_tResource type structure
slist_tSlist structure
table_tTimetable structure
tupleinfo_tThis structure holds information about defined tuples (events)
tuplelist_tA list of tuple IDs
updaterfunc_tStructure describing an updater function

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