Re: [tablix-list] some help

From: Tomaž Šolc <>
Date: Wed, 02 Sep 2009 08:49:18 +0200


> I need some support for time table generation in tablix2.
> The way it must work is that there is no set classes of learners that
> all go together to the same subjects, but rather it works that there are
> groups for each subject. Learners are assigned to these groups. This
> means that they split up for each subject.
> The problem is that the events for all the groups that a learner belongs
> to, cannot happen at the same time. I have used conflicts-with, but this
> means that every class resource needs to conflict with all the other
> groups that belong to the learners it contains. I have tryed this, but
> tablix seems to take exceedingly long time to generate these timetables.

It sounds to me like conflict-with restrictions are the correct approach

How are you running Tablix (with or without PVM)? How many processing
nodes (-n) are you using?

It's always best to run Tablix under PVM and 4 or more processing nodes,
even if you're using only a single computer.

Best regards
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