Some module of mine

From: Giovanni Perego <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 16:38:42 +0200

Hello Tomaz,

one year ago, for a nurse rostering problem, I wrote two new modules for
Tablix 0.3.5 and I have modified some existing one (freeperiod, sametime
and timeplace) to make them more generic (mainly to be able to use
different resource types) and the htmlcss export module to have a more
flexible output. Of course, in modified modules, I have kept complete
compatibility with previous versions.
New modules handle the evaluation of resource sequences in time tables
(patternmatch.c) and multiple resources coupling (associate.c).
All modules are commented according to std.

Can they be interesting for Tablix next releases or for publishing on
Tablix site?
Do you want me to send you? (How?)

Let me know
Best regards

Giovanni Perego
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