Specific (complex) timetabling requirement

From: Ramen Sen <jm_at_intnetsystems.com>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 11:23:09 +0100

Hello all,

I'm trying to put together a timetable for dancing competition dates,
and the tablix software looks like it should be perfect for the job!

I've looked through the User guide, the samples, and the entire
tablix-list archive, and I'm still having problems figuring out how to
solve the problem.

Basically we have a number of events in different age categories
(Juvenile, Junior, Youth, Adult, Senior I, Senior II, Senior III), and
each one does "Ballroom", "Latin" and possibly "10 Dance". We have
various numbers of each event to give out - e.g. 9 "Adult Ballroom", 5
"Junior 10 Dance", etc, totally around 129 events for the year.

These need to be timetabled at many different venues around the country.
Now the venues are only available on certain fixed weekends.

I decided to split time into weekends (0-51) and I'll probably need
several timeslots because you can have more than one event at a venue on
the same day (though I need to specify a maximum per venue, which will
be different for each, as some are small and some are large). There are
also a lot of other parameters governing whether a venue is suitable for
certain events, but I won't go into those just now, I'll focus on the
basics first.

So looking through examples, I thought I would need the venue as a
variable resource, and the age group (class) as a constant resource.

However, I can't find any way to say that a venue (room?) is only
available in certain time-slots. There is the available.so module, but
is 1) when it's not available, and 2) it's not usable for variable

Any ideas for this first stage?

If there is no other solution, I will try to write my own module, and I
would definitely appreciate any hints.

Eventually I'll have to put in various capabilities (e.g. floor size),
various conflicts (e.g. cannot have "10 dance" on the same day as
"ballroom" or "latin" for a particular age group), requests from venues
for particular events, and many other constraints, but would like to get
it to use the specific days first.

And thanks for what looks like it's going to be a fabulous tool for this
job, when I understand it properly!

Ramen Sen
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