Re: [tablix-list] Help building Tablix with modules on Windows.

From: Tomaž Šolc <>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 19:22:35 +0100

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> I need to use Tablix on Windows. I've been using the prebuild
> installer [1] mentioned in the wiki and it was ok. However, now I need
> to use the fixed module [2] which unfortunately is not available with
> the prebuild package.
> I downloaded cygwin and tried to build Tablix on Windows without PVM3.
> Configure script passes, make passes and make install passes. However,
> I haven't been able to generete the modules DLL files. When I try to
> run tablix I get an error like this:
> [xmlsup] Can't load module '/usr/local/lib/tablix2/timeplace.dll'
> [modsup] No such file or directory
> [xmlsup] fatal: Module timeplace failed to load
> I've looked for the timeplace.dll file inside my cygwin directory, but
> I haven't found anything. I've read the cygwin documentation regarding
> DLL generation [3], but I have no idea how to apply that to tablix.
> I've tried to run the configure script with the --enable-shared option
> without success.
> Any idea ?

This looks like the same problem I had back when I experimented with the
Windows build. For some reason Makefiles generated by autoconf/automake
won't build the DLLs.

I haven't found a solution to this problem. I built the Windows binaries
with a handwritten Makefile which replaced the autoconf one (following
instructions on IIRC).

Unfortunately this was on a Windows laptop I don't have anymore and I
can't find that Makefile right now in the backups.

A lot has probably changed in autoconf world in these two years - have
you tried asking on their mailing list about this problem?

Best regards
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