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From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 17:33:46 +0100


> I just completely overbooked a teacher for one day (only one day in my
> schedule). Then, I made a restriction so that he gets the first period
> off. The result is that Tablix seems to run forever, and never stop. No
> biggie to me, but I need to sanitize my data every time I use Tablix.
> Possibly I am overreacting, and just didn't let Tablix run long enough...

This is a known problem with Tablix. If you give it an impossible
problem to solve it will run forever.

Individual modules do check for trivial cases where the problem is
unsolvable from their point of view (i.e. their fitness function) and
will print an error. In your case its probably the interaction between
two modules that is causing the timetable to be unsolvable (sametime and
freeperiod maybe?). It's impossible to check if a solution exists for an
arbitrary set of modules before actually finding it.

Best regards
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