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Subject: Timetabling Standards
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 12:12:57 +0100
From: Peter Karich <lopeathal_at_web.de>
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Hi Timetabling Folks!

I thought about it a long time ago, but now I want to discuss it with
What do you think about a 'framework' for timetabling?
Don't you think we - thev (ex) leaders or members of different open source
timetabling programs - should bale our forces?
We all now know the pro's and con's of our programs and algorithm's, but
none of them is perfect, right!?
If we would do it together the project will start small, but get a rich
set of developers and hopefully a big(ger) community as every project
has now for its own! Every developer could concentrate his work and so
development will be faster - I think.
There are a lots of things to do and to discuss.
I think, it should be in
[L1] C++
[L2] C# or
[L3] Java.

If this fails then we should concentrate discussion to standardize the
object-model, a file format or a SQL database table layout.
We could start discussion here:
But an extra project 'timetablespecification' or forum on sourceforge would
help, too.

What do you think? Would you help me collecting ideas, constraints and

And please could you tell me one of the following:
1. I have no interests and I will not have in future.
2. I have no interests, but maybe I will have in future
3. I have interests, but I will not have time.
4. I like the idea, what should we do next?
5. <individual answer> ;-)

If you answer with 1. - sorry for the spam!!

Could you please forward this email to persons that could be interested in
this discussion, too? E.g. project members

Thank you,
Peter Karich.

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