flat evaluation function!!!

From: Sebastien Theys <sebastien.theysREMOVE_at_THISugent.be>
Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2007 19:17:05 +0200

dear everyone,

in attachement my xml-file (well commented for easy understanding). It
is now running for 6 hours and the reported value is still 60000 (it
never changes)(on 4/4 nodes running). (pentium M 750 1,86GHz,2048Mb)

Could anyone find the problem why it is taking "so long" or is it
still possible eh will find something?will augmenting the number of
nodes help?

I used modules placetime and sametime with a weight of 10000 each. is
this perhaps too much?

It would be very helpfull if someone could answer this question

(thesis student in trouble:-))

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