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From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Thu Apr 05 2007 - 10:54:16 CEST

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> I also would agree with the 'keep it simple' idea.

IMO using a framework means keeping it simple. Not in the sense that
the whole thing is simple but that the amount of code you need to
maintain is minimal. The framework approach is also good from security
and reliability standpoints. Using for example Catalyst would mean that
the application would run on a lot of operating systems and database
backends without a lot of additional effort.

A web interface that would allow the creation of Tablix timetabling
problem would have to manipulate a database of events, resources in
connection with restrictions, etc. As much as I try to avoid using a
SQL database in my projects I think its use here is unavoidable. As
soon as you have to deal with a database I think that the "simple" way
of writing everything from scratch gets quite complicated.

Bostjan, you have more experience with web application design. What are
your views on this?

> Could someone come up with a design overview (ie. basic requirements,
> etc.)

The way I see this is as a general interface to the Tablix. This means
that it should support everything that the XML problem description
supports - arbitrary number of resource types, etc. It would have a
number of preconfigured schemes, that would preconfigure everything for
a specific use. For example a "school timetabling" scheme would set
resource types "teacher", "class", "time" and "room" and set the last
two as variable. It would also limit the selection of modules to those
that can be used in school timetabling.

There is also the question of how to implement the back-end that uses
Tablix to solve the timetabling problem. This could include batch
processing like Jorell (so Tablix could be run on a different machine
than the front-end)

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