Re: fixed classroom scheduling problem

From: erdat cataloglu <>
Date: Sun Sep 24 2006 - 18:26:34 CEST

Hi Tomaz,

I have managed to get it work. I must have been missing something in the
config file. The way I solved the problem is to write the config file from
scratch, then everything worked fine. I am using the latest version of
tablix, compiled on a FC5.
I have another question regarding elective courses. I have tried to follow
your example2.xml regrading this matter, but I could not get the intended
results. The case is similar. Students from 4 different classes can chose 4
different elective courses, so these four elective courses should be
scheduled at the same time/period and this should not conflict with the four
classes' other courses. The way I finally solved the problem was to assign
the same fixed time and day for the four elective courses by using use the
sametimeas module. I am aware that this is certainly not an elegant way to
solve the problem and will restrict tablix. Any further hints that you could
provide would be very helpful.
Regards Erdat

Not: Perhaps these data my be useful for further reference for what I did
try to solve: the config file consists of 30 different classes (average
course per class ~7), 110 teachers, 30 class rooms, 5*8 time matrix

Solc Yazıyor:

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> Hi
>> then for computer courses I under the <event> tags assign "<restriction
>> type="capability">PC_Lab</restriction>"
>> and for the rest of the courses I do put "<restriction
>> type="capability">Classroom</restriction>"
>> but this does not work.
> This should work exactly as you described. You have either found a bug
> or there is something else wrong with your config file.
> Can you send a complete XML file so that I can test it? Which version of
> Tablix are you using?
> Best regards
> Tomaz Solc
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