fixed classroom scheduling problem

From: erdat cataloglu <>
Date: Fri Sep 22 2006 - 09:14:11 CEST

I am trying to setup my the config file so that I have three dedicated
Computer classrooms (PC LAB 1, PC LAB 2, PC LAB 3) . whatever configuration
I have tried so far I do get at the end some of the not-related class as
well assigned to these dedicated classrooms. here is one of my trials:

<resource name="Classroom#" from="1" to="17">
<restriction type="capability">Classroom</restriction>

<resource name="PC_Lab#" from="1" to="17">
<restriction type="capability">PC_Lab</restriction>

then for computer courses I under the <event> tags assign "<restriction

and for the rest of the courses I do put "<restriction

but this does not work. I certainly need some help to put me in the right
direction. (I have checked out all the samples as much as I could understand
them, and I also went through the archives.
I really need some help.
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