A School Scheduling problem

From: temp che <temp.cheREMOVE@THISgmail.com>
Date: Mon Apr 17 2006 - 07:14:35 CEST

Dear all,

I am doing my school scheduling task. After I installed tablix2 on my Linux
desktop, I have tested and read the sample and test cases.

However, during writing the input scheme, I got some problems which I cannot
find a reference from test cases.

It is appreciated if you can give me some hints and approaches to solve my

Here is my problems:

i) can I specify an event after another event? the following is the instance
of my problem:

A teacher has to teach different classes and same subject,

 e.g., teacher Porter teaches algebra for class 1A, class 1B and Class 2C.

 (Class 1A and Class 1B are first year, Class 2C is second year)

is it possible to schedule teacher porter teaches class 1A after class 1B?

because if teacher Porter can teach class 1A algebra after class 1B algebra
lecture, that will save his

time to teach same content to the student.

I have read the module description of "consecutive.so", but it seems just it
just suit for same class scheduling.

ii) Is it possible to specify an event cannot be scheduled after a lecture?

for example, a group of student cannot have Music and Art lecture after
Physical Education.

Many Thanks,

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