Re: [tablix-list] lab scheduling

From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Wed Mar 15 2006 - 13:02:25 CET

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> The two points I'm not sure of are:
> 1) <event name="RESEARCHER" repeats="??"> (can't
> determine correct value for "repeats")

The "repeats" property should contain the number of times this
researcher will assigned to this job.

If you want RESEARCHER to perform a job 6 times in 30 days then set
"repeats" to 6.

> 2) <resourcetype type="time"><matrix width="30"
> height="7"/> (height=7 because 7 jobs a day, width=30
> because considering a full month (although days vary).
> I would of course prefer width=7 (full, constant week
> period) but I'm not sure that would work.)

I don't understand this question. Guessing from your description (every
researcher must perform all 7 jobs in all 6 labs), perhaps you could try
to set the "room" resource as a constant and define it manually for each
event. This way Tablix will only assign timeslots to combinations of
researchers, jobs and laboratories. This way you can be sure that each
researcher will perform his job in all 6 labs.

Best regards
Tomaz Solc
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