Tablix 0.3.1 release announcement

From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 18:08:29 CET

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Tablix 0.3.1 release announcement

Thu Feb 9 17:21:25 CET 2006

I'm pleased to announce the release of Tablix 0.3.1. Source code
distribution can be downloaded from the following URL:

MD5: 0b3987eb4c2069341618e887af70f971
SHA1: 29866a6332abd6086c20c9745b88b17a7747119d

Tablix 0.3.1 is the second stable release based on the 0.2 development

Two important kernel bugs and several minor bugs in the kernel and
utilities were fixed in this release. Registering a restriction handler
for all resource types no longer causes a segmentation fault in the
handler_find() function. Previous release also had a slightly broken
local search function that in some cases did not assign a proper fitness
value to timetables that were optimized by it.

The kernel now supports updater functions which drastically increase
performance of modules like "" and "". Tablix
0.3.1 also features a new fitness value cache that improves overall
genetic algorithm performance by approximately 20%.

An experimental module for exporting timetable data into vCalendar 2.0
compatible format was added.

Slovenian translation was updated from the 0.1 branch.

Tablix 0.3.1 remains completely source and binary backward compatible
with modules for version 0.3.0 as well as XML problem description files
conforming to Tablix Timetabling Model 0.2.0.

However please note that the behaviors of "" and
"" modules that are included in the distribution have changed
somewhat in this release. In most cases you only have to add the
"resourcetype" module option to the "" module to achieve the
same functionality as in version 0.3.0:

<module name="" weight="100" mandatory="yes">
        <option name="resourcetype">class</option>

See reference documentation for these two modules for more information.

See the changelog for more detailed descriptions of the changes between
this and the last stable release.

Tomaz Solc
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