Re: [tablix-list] Using Tablix to choose teachers for events & place students into events

From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Mon Jan 23 2006 - 19:17:59 CET

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> To elaborate, I would like individual students to be able to
> pre-register, expressing their interest in various courses (events) they
> would like to take. Then I'd like to use Tablix to automatically try to
> schedule students into courses they'd prefer, but still allow for a
> feasible schedule for both students and teachers.

I think that would be pretty complicated to do with Tablix. Tablix deals
with groups, not individual students.

The only idea I currently have goes like this:

Make one "class" for each course a student may choose. Then somehow
extract from the choices students have made all combinations of courses.
 Now you know events for which courses should not be scheduled at the
same time and you can put conflicts between those classes.

For example: you have courses A, B, C, D and three students.

First student chose A and C, second A and D and third B, C.

Now you should put conflicts between following classes:

A, C
A, D
B, C

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Tomaz Solc
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