Re: [tablix-list] Using Tablix to choose teachers for events & place students into events

From: Joshua J Estelle <>
Date: Sun Jan 22 2006 - 21:22:35 CET

Thanks for your quick reply Tomaz.

Reply within:

>> I'm wondering if its possible to use tablix to determine which
>> teachers
>> teach which events and which students take which events based on the
>> ability of teachers to teach various events and the interest of
>> students
>> in particular subjects.
> If you make resource type "teacher" variable then Tablix will also be
> able to assign teachers to events. However you will have to write a new
> module that will tell Tablix which teacher can be assigned to which
> events.
> I believe the easiest way to do this would be to modify the
> "" module to work for teachers instead of rooms.

Excellent, this is what I was thinking I could do for this.

> I don't exactly understand what you mean by assigning students to
> events.

To elaborate, I would like individual students to be able to
pre-register, expressing their interest in various courses (events)
they would like to take. Then I'd like to use Tablix to automatically
try to schedule students into courses they'd prefer, but still allow
for a feasible schedule for both students and teachers.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Many thanks,
Josh Estelle

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