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From: Jacky Masemene <jacky.masemeneREMOVE@THISgmail.com>
Date: Thu Jan 05 2006 - 15:37:01 CET

Hi Tomaz

All is going well, and the timetabling is slowly shaping up, thanks for your
help so far. I'm still unsure about the relationship which different
modules weight have on each other and what impact does another module have
on another, is the a formula which can be applied to determine how the
weights should be stored?

For instance, I refer to our example, we need to be able to fill all 50
slots, no free periods both for the teacher and the students. However it
seems like timeplace has difficulty resolving 1 spot. Hence it would just
hang at a n*1 (where n = weights for timeplace)

I then read, on the mailing list, this one in particular :
http://www.tablix.org/lists/tablix-list/0424.html. Where you say " If you
had to assign higher weight values to timeplace.so and sametime.so, that
means that the timetabling constraints from these two modules were the
hardest to solve " Hence we increased the weight values for timeplace
however other modules started producing less good results.

I'm attaching the file for your consideration.


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