timeblocks and timeblocks_sameday modules

From: Antonio Duran <adminies.elbrocenseREMOVE@THISedu.juntaextremadura.net>
Date: Mon Oct 24 2005 - 09:12:49 CEST

Hi. I went on with my idea of time blocks. You were right: consecutive2
was just what i needed to start. timeblocks.c is only some lines more
than consecutive2.c.
It provides this restriction:

<restriction type="periods-per-block">periods</restriction>

that specifies that the repeats of the current event need to be
scheduled in blocks of 'periods' consecutive periods.

timeblocks_sameday.c assures that two blocks of the same event are not
going to be scheduled in the same day.

By the way, i don't know if timeblocks is the correct way to say this,
so feel free to change module names if you feel like.

With the use of this new module, sameday.c needs some modifications:
- It has to treat blocks-per-day restrictions as ignore-sameday. A new
getevent function is needed because periods-per-block takes a value.
- I have commented out the check for clasess with more events than days
in week, as with this restriction, this can happen legally. I think this
check could be done yet, but with more code.

Thinking about it, sameday.c shouldn't need the class extension unless
there is one class that you don't want to check. Could this decission be
made with a module option? I have no such clasess, so maybe rewritting
sameday.c could make an improvement in speed. Thoughts?
I attach the sameday.c i am using now.

Another thing: is there any reason for commenting out the rooms part in
htmlcss export module? I activated it, and it seems to work fine.

Best regards,

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