Re: [tablix-list] gtablix 0.0.9-9 development release

From: igzebedze <>
Date: Sat Oct 22 2005 - 16:32:30 CEST

> I tried using the tarball instead of the rpm and have had some success.
> differences for a Redhat installation Core 4 (I mistakenly said 4 in my
> earlier message but meant 3 as I've only 'upgraded' in the past two
> seem to have been resolved and filechooser is now present.


> One problem: gtablix believes should be Locale::gettext.
> thinks it is without the Locale:: prefix. Removing this from the 'use'
> directive overcomes this problem. I don't know if there is a more
> solution to detect where gettext is located for any particular
> if it varies.

hm... i don't think there is a better solution... i'll see what i can do.
.. what do you mean by 'removing' - you should leave 'use gettext;' at

> I got the same problem as Tomaz with modulesref.xml so I applied the
> This doesn't work for me as my version of 'tablix2 -v' doesn't include
> line 'Module documentation available in'. I'm not sure why as I should
have a
> standard (albeit dated 30/8/5) copy of cvs tablix2. Changing the file
> to point to my correct location MAKES GTABLIX WORK!

hm... tomaz?

> I get a couple of messages on start-up:
> /home2/npr/.gtablixrc: No such file or directory
> Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry
> at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.6/i386-linux-thread-multi/
line 30.
> Touching /home2/npr/.gtablixrc makes the first one go away. The second
one may
> be due to some redhat quirk or something I suppose.

i'll check the first one, and you shouldn't worry too much over the next

> Gtablix doesn't like my configuration file, it hangs around after
clicking ok
> in the filechooserdialogue and eventually kde decides the window isn't
> responding. If I try to read example files included in the
distributions, it
> complains of parsing errors. Will it only read files it has generated

in general no, it should open any proper tablix file, so i'd apriciate if
you tell me exactly what doesn't work, or maybe even sent me your file...

> I can't get it to run tablix2 although it correctly identifies where the
> executable is and pvm is running. I can run tablix2 from shell. No
> diagnostics are shown.

it just doesn't respond to the button?

i've done some changes with configurations and tablix handling, that could
solve these problems, which i will probably post today or tomorow...

regards, bostjan
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