Re: [tablix-list] gtablix 0.0.9-9 development release

From: igzebedze <>
Date: Fri Oct 21 2005 - 15:56:18 CEST

> Over the months, I've periodically tried installing gtablix from source
> you've announced them, but even on a fresh Fedora Core 4 installation
> always fail with the FileChooserDialog problem I've had since about
> 0.2!

this is still very weird problem and i'd really like to fix it...
you've tried with this one's tarball? do you use latest stable perl-gtk2
packages from DAG repository or from perl-gtk2 homepage?

> Today, I tried using the rpm, but I now get:
> Error: Missing Dependency: perl(gtablix::export_tablix2) is needed by
> gtablix
> Error: Missing Dependency: perl(gtablix::lists_handlers) is needed by
> gtablix

> I still know nothing about perl so it could be something simple! Any
> would be appreciated as my config file is now too complete/complicated
> manual maintenance.

hm... as said before, i cannot test these rpms, but simply blindly
generate them from deb pacakges. nobody complained about them so far, so i
didn't look into it... i'd say drop rpm for now and use tarball... i have
plans of installing fedora based distro somewhere and check the detailes.

thank you for the report...

regards, bostjan

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