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From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 21:29:32 CEST

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Hi everyone

I've made a simple system for batch processing of timetabling problems
with Tablix. You can check it out at
"". I think something like this
has already been discussed on this list but I don't remember on which

The system is composed of a web server that collects submitted XML
configurations and a cluster of machines on the internet or local
network running a client program. The client downloads a work unit from
the server, solves it and returns the result to the server.

The code is based on some scripts I've been using to test Tablix and
should be working. However I'm sure there are still serious bugs in it
so I don't want to put this on the front page yet.

Currently anyone can submit an XML configuration using a web browser.
The clients are currently only installed on some machines in Cyberpipe
and run during the night when machines are idle. Later it should also be
possible for random people on the internet to donate CPU cycles by
running the client on their machines.

Comments and suggestions are welcome as always.

Best regards
Tomaz Solc
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