Re: [tablix-list] gtablix & files

From: Antonio Duran <>
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 13:52:46 CEST

You were right: everything is working fine.
I was confused with the expected information in files: i was using the
subjects file to include the info that is meant to be in teachers file.

Sorry for my bad explanations :) And thanks very much for you help!

Another thing i have seen: when you try to quit, gtablix asks if you
want to save the file. I say yes and gtablix wont ask where to put it,
nor will it save the file. It gives this error on console:
sh: line 1: not: command not found.

Best regards,

El mar, 28-06-2005 a las 14:18, Botjan peti escribi:
> > I am using, and i get the same results with
> >
> > I have modified the file, and now it only lists subjects names, like
> > this:
> > MAT
> > ING
> > ...
> >
> > Now gtablix has subject info, but not in the way i thought: these
> > subjects are not associated with any teacher, but i can pick them when
> > scheduling. Maybe this is the expected behaviour and i did not
> > understand it correctly.
> em... teachers list has informations about the subjects of every teacher - just like you formatted your first file:
> teacher[tab]subject1,subject2,...
> .. the subjects list is merely a list of subjects, optionally with restrictions, that will apply to all tuples (teacher-subject pair) with that subject.
> (i hope i'm not too confusing ;)
> regards, bostjan

Antonio Durn
Administrador de red. IES El Brocense.
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