gtablix & files

From: Antonio Duran <>
Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 11:32:56 CEST

Hi all. I am testing gtablix, and have found some problems/questions.

a) In the import dialog, it does not show files without an extension.

b) Gtablix won't append the .xml suffix to saved files, nor will it save
them if you forget to add it.

c) Now to my question: i am trying to import subjects into gtablix, but
i don't know how to build the file to import. Right now it looks like:
[Teacher TAB Subject] in each line.

Everything else imports OK.

Could you please tell me what i am doing wrong?


Antonio Durn
Administrador de red. IES El Brocense.
Received on Tue Jun 28 11:30:40 2005

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