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From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Wed Jun 08 2005 - 19:10:44 CEST

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> Paring down the problem, it seems that it is the high incidence of double
> lessons combined with zero free lessons for classes and very few free lessons
> for teachers. Of these, it always seems to be the doubles (especially those
> that are 'same-time-as' another class or three) that contribute the largest
> number of contributions to the fitness score.

I think part of the problem is in your "" module. I've
made a very simple ttf test case for it (consecutive-1.xml) and Tablix
only finds a solution in 3 of 10 tries. The fitness function should
probably be rewritten so that it would not try to enforce a specific
order of tuples (see my earlier post).

I haven't yet looked at your "forcesametime.c" module though.

> So, if I can schedule the doubles as just described and then somehow alter the
> configuration file for the remaining lessons to include the doubles as fixed
> then I think I will be able to use tablix for real.

This is probably the best way to do it right now.

I've made a few remarks in the Wiki about how this problem could be
handled better in future versions (see bottom

> 2. The 'fixed-period' handler would be implemented so that it removed all
> other time, class, room and teacher resources in the resource domains for the
> appropriate event tuple.

This module is similar to fixed.c example in the Modules HOWTO.

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Tomaz Solc
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