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From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Sun Jun 05 2005 - 19:04:20 CEST


Thanks for this, it sounds a great way to tackle it.

I've had a stab at it. The module options are passed to the init function okay
and I can get at the options easily. Unfortunately, the opt param to the
precalc function is being passed as NULL. I've had a quick look in modsup.c
and (I think) I have confirmed this. I can't see an easy way of passing it
the opt param within modsup or xmlsup. For the time being, I've created a
module global to store it.

Best Wishes


On Sunday 05 June 2005 16:34, Tomaz Solc wrote:
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> Hi
> > <resourcetype type="time">
> > <matrix width="5" height="9"/>
> > <restriction type="free-lesson">4 1</restriction>
> > </resourcetype>
> >
> > The parser isn't being called - if I don't load the module then the
> > parser doesn't complain about the restriction being unknown. If I change
> > the line:
> This isn't working because the restriction tag isn't placed within any
> of the tags that define a resource with resource type "time".
> You can't place any restriction tags under <resourcetype> tag (parser
> doesn't know to which resource you want to apply your restriction).
> > My intention with this restriction is to create an irregularly-shaped
> > timetable. We have a whole school assembly first lesson on Friday and a
> > variable timetable on Wednesday afternoons, again for the whole school.
> You can try the following: Somehow obtain a list of periods that must
> remain free (For example by using module options). Then in the
> precalculate function of your module remove the resources for those
> periods from the domains of all tuples for the resource type "time" (see
> the module HOWTO for information about domains).
> This method is very efficient and you also don't need to write a fitness
> function for your module.
> Best regards
> Tomaz Solc
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