New module 'consecutive'

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 22:21:31 CEST


I've written a new module, called 'consecutive', that replaces and extends the
functionality of 'double-period' in V0.1.

It offers a single restriction at event level called 'consecutive'. If
repeats=1 then the module has no effect, but if repeats>1 then all instances
of the event are scheduled to run consecutively.
I've tried it as far as repeats=5 and it seems to work okay.

See the attached for the source and a sample config file.

I made the second cut at forcesametime:

It now copes with repeats>1 and repeat for the 'second' event must be less
than or equal to that of the 'first'.

I've also put in a module_precalc that will warn if the module is effectively

Neither of these should be considered final but I'd appreciate any feedback.

Best Wishes


PS I'm still trying to work out how to implement an extreme case of
'more-teachers' in V0.2.0 - I have two double lessons for a group of four
classes to schedule for Games at the same time allocating six teachers!!!
Suggestions most welcome!

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