new module & some questions

From: Antonio <>
Date: Sun May 22 2005 - 22:59:38 CEST

Hi. First let me say Tablix rocks :)
I have started playing a little with modules in the stable version and i
love the way everything is done. Very clear, documeted ... impressive!

Ok, now to the real thing. I have coded a module (well, i have mostly
ripped it from two of the already done) similiar to
I think it's clear wthat i want it to do in the doc section.
But i'm not really sure if it is even needed, or if i can get the same
funcionality using existing ones or changing my config in some way :) I
din't mind much becase i wanted to start looking at code so i can help
with the new branch when i can.

So, would you please take a look a it an tell me? I don't fully
understand the tablix structures yet, so i don't know if this is the
fastest way to do this, either.
I haven't done testing with the framework, so it may even not work as
expected. Tomorrow at work i`ll try with my semi-real config file which
needs this.

Well, i have started writing another module to prevent one teacher from
being scheduled at the last period of a day and the fisrt of the next. I
thought it was really simple (in fact it must be :) but i can't get it
working. Here's a snippet with comments on what i try to do:

for(tid=0;tid<tmapnum;tid++) { // for each teacher
        for(day=0;day<DAYS - 1;day++) { // For each day, but the last one
                pnt += (PERIODS - 1); // Go to the last period of the day
                if (*pnt!=-1) { // the teacher has a lesson assigned in this period
                        pnt++; // Go to the first period of the next day
                        if (*pnt!=-1) //the teacher has lesson assigned
                } else pnt++; // Go to the first period of the next day

I am doing something wrong, i guess the tpnt array is not aligned as i
think or something. Could you help please?

Ok, enough for today. Sorry for the long talk people.


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