How to access current room allocation

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Sun May 08 2005 - 21:48:54 CEST


I'm trying to replace the 'preferred-room' functionality from 0.1.0 in 0.2.1.
The requirement is to allow a teacher to teach, wherever possible from
his/her own classroom. It seemed the most obvious to make this a teacher

The attached code fails in two ways:

1. The handler never seems to get called. This appears to be a similar problem
to the other one with the tuple handler not being called - but restricted to
resource type 'teacher'. If I try to put a 'conflicts-with' restriction in a
teacher then the handler in sametime.c doesn't get called either.

2. I think I've made a mistake in the test. I am obviously trying to check the
currently allocated room against any preference for a teacher. It seems to be
locating the teacher okay and thus finding the preferred room, but
room->gen[m] seems to return far higher id values than would be sensible.

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