Re: [tablix-list] Possible bug in debian unstable release of gtablix

From: Antonio Duran <>
Date: Fri May 06 2005 - 09:30:55 CEST

Hi. You're right: it's a very stupid one :) Only later I discovered what
you tell me about how names should be, so there's no need for putting in
something like "1º".
So i think it's better that you do what you think you should with it, as
i have not yet looked at any code.

I would like to start by making a spanish translation of gtablix, just
to take a look at everything. Is it mandatory to translate tablix first
or can it write the config files in english?


El jue, 05-05-2005 a las 15:57, Boštjan Špetič escribió:
> > Hello all. I'm Antonio from Spain. I have just joined the list.
> welcome!
> > I've been looking around gtablix for a couple of days, and i've come
> > across a problem: when you include the "º" symbol in a Class name,
> > gtablix cannot save the xml file correctly. I attach the file as it is
> > after saving.
> > Sorry if this is a known bug, but rigth now i cannot install the devel
> > release to test it.
> mhm... well, it wasn't known, but it's quite stupid one, and it's not yet corrected in the devel version.
> so now you have two options: either i make a new devel release and you install it, or i tell you where to hack the code itself. its very easy...
> oh, and note, that class names should always be in form:
> 'year name'
> ... it's due to a tablix 1.x demand, that the first word should be a year number... the name part can contain spaces though.
> regards, bostjan

Antonio Durán
Administrador de red. IES El Brocense.
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