Re: [tablix-list] Tablix 0.2.1 development release

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Thu May 05 2005 - 00:04:31 CEST

Hi (again)

A separate query...

I looked at the wiki example of the new xml config, plus I re-checked the
earlier emails on the same subject. How it is planned to cope with the
'more-teachers' and 'more-rooms'? Are these to be handled as multiple tags in
the new <event>? or will we continue to use <restrictions> as in the old
config format? It certainly looks more consistent to use:

                <event name="Games 4" repeats="4">
                        <resource type="teacher" name="NPR"/>
                        <resource type="teacher" name="SAH"/>
                        <resource type="class" name="1A"/>
                        <resource type="class" name="1B"/>

Best Wishes


On Friday 29 April 2005 16:16, Tomaz Solc wrote:
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> Hi
> Second development release of the 0.2.x branch is now available for
> download at the following address:
> This release features a new XML parser, which means that this is the
> first release that uses the new format of the XML configuration file and
> can fully exploit new features in the kernel. Save and restore (the -r
> flag) should now work correctly. Several bug fixes and improvements (no
> significant API changes) in the kernel, the master process and modules
> were also made.
> To simplify module development, this release includes two new header
> files, export.h and module.h, one for export and one for fitness
> modules. Module source only needs to include one of these to get all
> needed function prototypes and type definitions.
> Best regards
> Tomaz Solc
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