Re: [tablix-list] Tablix 0.2.1 development release

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 23:46:19 CEST


I hit a block porting 'preferred' to 0.2.0 and so tried it on 0.2.1. It might
have solved one problem but has given me another!

On 0.2.0, the attached preferred.c finds the 'preferred-day' and
'preferred-period' restrictions and builds the arrays pday and pperiod
correctly using the handler functions 'getday' and 'getperiod'.
Unfortunately, the module_fitness function hangs after a couple of

On 0.2.1, the same code now seems to work okay in 'module_fitness' - debug
shows lots of day/period combinations for 'time->restype->res[b].name'.
Sadly, the handlers no longer seem to get called. I've tried all the sensible
ways of putting the restriction in the xml.

Thanks for any help


On Friday 29 April 2005 16:16, Tomaz Solc wrote:
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> Hi
> Second development release of the 0.2.x branch is now available for
> download at the following address:
> This release features a new XML parser, which means that this is the
> first release that uses the new format of the XML configuration file and
> can fully exploit new features in the kernel. Save and restore (the -r
> flag) should now work correctly. Several bug fixes and improvements (no
> significant API changes) in the kernel, the master process and modules
> were also made.
> To simplify module development, this release includes two new header
> files, export.h and module.h, one for export and one for fitness
> modules. Module source only needs to include one of these to get all
> needed function prototypes and type definitions.
> Best regards
> Tomaz Solc
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