Re: [tablix-list] G-Tablix 0.0.8 release

From: A. Jorge Garcia <>
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 20:13:54 CET

Just curious why you need to setup a PVM Cluster to run scheduling software? Are there any other applications you need PVM for?

I'm just now exploring the world of Linux CLusters for the first time and would like to introduce some examples to my students (AP Computer Science with java and linux). Eventually I'd like to teach them to write their own object oriented apps in java that take advantage of some sort of clustering paradigm.

I know that JVMs are very hard to migrate. So, I'm looking into PVM or MPI with C for number crunching apps (ie: finding very large primes) or C and openGL for graphic apps (like rendering a highly detailed fractal). I'm also looking into openMOSIX with C++ and fork() methods (does openGL work with C++?).

Last year we setup an openMOSIX Cluster (clusterKNOPPIX or QUANTIAN) on our LAN (25 Dell OptiPlexes with PIVs and 750MB RAM with fast-ETHERNET) and demoed existing clustered apps (KANDEL, POVRAY) but had a hard time writing our own clustered code....

Any insight you could provide into these issues would be greatly appreciated!

Thanx in advance,
A. Jorge Garcia
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Baldwin High and Nassau CC
Long Island, NY, USA

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