G-Tablix 0.0.8 release

From: Boštjan Špetič <igzebedzeREMOVE@THISauch.eu.org>
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 19:39:12 CET


Tablix 0.0.8 Release Notes

I am proud to announce the release of G-Tablix 0.0.8
This includes the work of the past month and a half, and a lot of testing by R.Quennet.

The main new features are:
- some modules have default values, based on tablix manual recomendations. This should help inexperienced users setup modules properly and efficiently.
- the restrictions editor got a nicer layout, allowing user to point and select the restrictions in one tab, or have detailed view in another.
- new colorful 'relations' view of timetable definition might replace the old boring table like format. The four lists of entities dinamicaly display the relations of other entities to the currently selected one. I expect this feature to evolve even more after some user response.
- new dialog: 'mini timetable' in the 'Schedule' tab. It allows user to point and click the desired day and period rather than typing it into the entry fields. It stays on top but doesn't freeze the main window. It also paints the periods of the selected entity which are alredy fixed.
- new dependency: instead of clusterconf gtablix now links to 'xpvm', for controlling the pvm. It seems very useful.
- tablix parameters can now be defined in a nicer way - with spinbuttons, but the actual commandline for tablix can still be manualy edited.
- the results view is now internaly separated from project editing. you can even load other results files and watch and export and print different timetables
- printing of results is also new feature. It is rather simple, it just renders the html output to postscript and sends it to printer, but it should do for previews of work done.
- gettext support for full i18n. This means, that now you can translate gtablix into your favourite language. This also means, that if you want gtablix in perfect english, you should have your locale set to 'en' rather that 'C'.
- context menus with most needed functions for all lists, including brand new functions 'complete delete' and 'rename', which can perform the desired change in the whole project.
- keyboard shortcuts for all menu options, including 'run tablix', 'check' and 'restrictions editor'.

Besides these, meny bugs were resolved and some optimizations were done.

It is avaliable for download as tar.gz, .deb and .rpm package at the homepage:
Note: .rpm is not tested.

Regards, Bostjan Spetic
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