Re: [tablix-list] gtablix without clusterconf error

From: Boštjan Špetič <>
Date: Wed Feb 23 2005 - 17:12:46 CET

> I am very impressed by gtablix. One very good thing for me is the
> extensive context related help. I think the documentation is very
> good too.

very glad to hear this, thank you.
i just have to find a lector, to proofread it... :)

> The day labels and command line arguments (however you think it
> best, but there are a lot of us tinkerers out here:).

i alredy added three more tablix parameters to the tablix tab... if you really think i should add an actuall entry for commandline, i can do it, it will just be harder to do it in a way, to efficiently trap badly formed commandline...

> It would be handy if gtablix remembered the last directory it used
> and if defaults could be specified by the user so it wasn't
> necessary to start at or near / everytime.

well, the nifty gtk2 filechoosedialog has that feature built in. just click the 'add' button in it, and the current folder will be saved in the bookmarks list on the left... if that's whhat you wanted?

> Also, I've become used to reading timetables with the day labels as
> column headings and the slot labels as row headings. I believe
> tablix output does this the other way around at the moment. There's
> nothing that I can think of that makes one way better than the
> other, it's just a matter of habit, I think. So if there were a way
> to specify that <layout rows="slots" columns="dayLabels" /> or vice-
> versa or something? I don't know if this is appropriate to your
> question or not, tho.

well, to be exact, tablix (and gtablix also) can output both ways. jsut select different type of output in the results tab... i should add this to the actual preview in gtablix, but the html can alreddy be gnereated like this.

> Sorry that these posts got so long.

oh, it's ok...

regards, bostjan
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