Re: [tablix-list] gtablix without clusterconf error

From: Boštjan Špetič <>
Date: Tue Feb 22 2005 - 17:41:21 CET


first i should note, that the mail server where my mail account is placed was down for some days, so i don't know exactly what was happening in this thread.

> | I'm wondering if a)it would be sensible to modify to
> | eliminate the fatal run time error

yup, done that alredy in the developmnent version... it was just a typo - a number '1' was missing in the name 'clusterconf'...

> I believe code regarding Clusterconf should be removed from G-Tablix.
> Clusterconf is a utility that was written specially for Tablix on
> Morphix distribution and it is not (and should not be) used anywhere
> else. Most certainly G-Tablix should not depend on it.

mhm... well, i can do it, though i am not sure why clusterconf is so lethal... :) it works for me anyway... ?
would it be possible to prepare it to be usable more generaly?

> | Also, as you may recall, I've previously asked about the possibilty
> | of using day1,day2,...,day7 instead of Mon,...,Sun. Speculating
> | wildly here, if it were planned for more aspects of tablix at some
> | time in the future to be end user configurable, I wonder if the
> | 'Settings' tab in gtablix would be a sensible place to display and
> | modify the configuration file that might be needed
> | (/etc/tablix.conf?).
> 0.2 branch of Tablix will be much more flexible once it is finished.
> There is an example version 0.2 configuration file on the Wiki. Among
> other things, it will allow you to name each day.
> On the other hand I don't think a central configuration file for Tablix
> would be a good idea. What settings exactly would be stored in there? I
> can't think of many settings that do not change between different
> timetabling problems.

i can't wait for the new tablix... it will spare me quite some work of this type...

regarding the day names (and period names, and maybe some other strings), i'm not sure in what way it would make sense to do it. your suggestion of dayN is probably better than the day names, so i will include it for now, but we would probably need more general way of configurating it. that is why i am waiting for the new tablix...

i think setting of this type could be set in the project files, not the central config. several other programs do it like this...

btw, i'm working on a redesign of timetable editor, to ease the complex timetable setups... after this is done, you can expect new release, in a few weeks. any more wishes for it? :)

> | One could also set PVM_ROOT here.
> PVM_ROOT environment is required by PVM, not Tablix. It is also only
> required when PVM is installed by hand. Binary packages usually don't
> need it (for example Debian PVM packages). I don't think code for
> detecting this should be in Tablix.

mhm... well, i don't like partial solutions... PVM_ROOT is not all a user needs for working pvm / tablix, so it might only confuse users... (or not?). i don't exacly understand everything that is needed for a bulletproof pvm configuration, mine works only until i dont restart the computer... :)
if someone gives me an idea about everything that should be done, to prepare pvm for use within gtablix, i'll be happy to implement it, i sort of hoped that clusterconf will do that for me... :)

> | gtablix docs (In short, line4) say " can run".
> | Iirc, the file on my system is named 'gtablix' (no .pl).
> Bostjan, would it be also possible to change the top directory in the
> tar.gz from "project" to something like "gtablix-0.0.7"? It is a kind of
> standard.

yes, yes, i will... it was a stupid mistake, but i didn't bother for the development releases...

regards, bostjan
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