gtablix without clusterconf error

From: R. Quenett <>
Date: Mon Feb 21 2005 - 19:36:45 CET

Trying to run gtablix without clusterconf installed gives me the
following fatal run-time error:

omega:/usr/lib/gtablix# gtablix
Can't call method "set" on an undefined value at
/usr/lib/gtablix/ line 130.

Commenting the two lines in related to clusterconf
allows gtablix to run, with this non-fatal error on open:

     Couldn't start clusterconf;
     Some external programs couldn't be started.
     Check that they are installed and in the path,
     or some functions will not work. ):

Here's the relevant (I think:-) code from, modified:

sub disable {
        my ($what) = @_;
        my $form = &get_form;
        if ($what eq 'tablix') {
                $form->get_widget('frame_tablix')->set('sensitive' => 0);
                $form->get_widget('run1')->set('sensitive' => 0);
        } elsif ($what eq 'tablix_plot') {
                $form->get_widget('frame_plot')->set('sensitive' => 0);
        } elsif ($what eq 'tablix_modinfo') {
        } elsif ($what eq 'gnuplot') {
                $form->get_widget('frame_plot')->set('sensitive' => 0);
# } elsif ($what eq 'clusterconf') {
# $form->get_widget('clusterconf')->set('sensitive' => 0);

Also, setting the Modules Path on the Settings tab (with the 'Open'
button) doesn't seem to result in a change to the path shown but
typing directly in the box does.

I'm wondering if a)it would be sensible to modify to
eliminate the fatal run time error, b)it would be sensible to allow
explicitly setting the tablix command line from within gtablix,
perhaps on the 'Settings' tab, unless this is already possible.

Also, as you may recall, I've previously asked about the possibilty
of using day1,day2,...,day7 instead of Mon,...,Sun. Speculating
wildly here, if it were planned for more aspects of tablix at some
time in the future to be end user configurable, I wonder if the
'Settings' tab in gtablix would be a sensible place to display and
modify the configuration file that might be needed
(/etc/tablix.conf?). One could also set PVM_ROOT here<g>. Btw, the
gtablix docs (In short, line4) say " can run". Iirc,
the file on my system is named 'gtablix' (no .pl).

I apologise for all errors in my comments.

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