Re: [tablix-list] 0.2.0 configuration format

From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Wed Jan 12 2005 - 21:21:53 CET

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| Not really what I meant. If you have a composite timetable for a
| class that uses three tablix classes related by 'conflicts-with' then
| it is quite a task to check by hand that the total doesn't exceed the
| number of lessons per week. Similarly, across the whole timetable,
| that you haven't allocated a teacher to teach more lessons than is
| possible. It might sound trivial, but my input file is around a 1000
| lines of XML. Tablix quite rightly can't converge to a solution to
| schedule 43 lessons into a timetable that only has 41 slots
| available! Knowing that a solution can't possibly exist is not the
| same as finding it.

I've added an entry to the todo list. There will be some support in the
modules API, so that each module can report back to the kernel if it
looks like a solution exists. But as I said before, such checks can't
detect if a solution does not exist because of some interaction between

| I did with the CVS build - reporting that it was building shared
| libraries but for me, at least, it was actually building static ones.
| You didn't respond to say either that it was fine for you or that I'd
| spotted a bug.

After searching my email archive for ten minutes I wasn't able to find
the mail you are referring to. I remember you said something about
having problems with compilation but I certainly did not understand that
as a bug report.

| I'm not saying they should be bundled in to one component, I'm saying
| that if tablix can only be used effectively with a front-end (which
| is almost a given since XML was never intended as a vehicle for
| humans to build input files) then a front-end component should be in
| the scope of the tablix project. Bostjan is reporting that he isn't
| getting much feedback on gtablix, but this seems to be a vital
| component of the project, to me at least. Given the interdependencies
| of the various bits of the input, even an XML editor isn't enough.

I can't do nothing about the feedback since I am not using gtablix.
Other than that, Bostjan and I often discuss things related to Tablix so
I would not say that there is not cooperation between these two projects.

| I agree that it's by no means the least documented but the project is
| based on very complex and difficult underlying algorithms. It may be
| that simply having a wider range of example xml files could fill in
| many of the gaps I have struggled with.

On several occasions I've heard that people who wrote the code often
write the worst documentation for the end user. Contributions to the
manual are as welcome as any. That is also why I've setup the Wiki: it's
easy to add something and it's easy for me to later add that to the manual.

Best regards
Tomaz Solc
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