re: gtablix glib problems

From: Boštjan Špetič <>
Date: Mon Jan 10 2005 - 22:36:44 CET

> Thanks, perl-Glib is already installed at 1.071-1 this is the latest on
> - but on dag-weiers it is only to 1.040-1.

aha, this is the problem, i got this from the mailing list:

- Your Perl bindings were probably compiled against an older version of gtk+ than the one you have installed.

... you are using the pacakges from diferent repositories.
you probably installed the sourceforge version of perl-glib right? did you check if it was meant for fedora c3?
try using fd2 version from the official page:
or try downgrading it to dag-weiers version.

this is exactly the reason i switched to debian. it has only one repository, but luckily it's large enough. *sigh* (but it's useless without broadband... :) try using dag's repository exlusively, and preffer using yum over manual rpm. the point of repositories is that the packages from them work in combinations with each other.

and the funny part is, gtk 2.6 was released in december...

> I've taken the use lib line out from from last night in case this
> was now causing a problem, but it wasn't!

and you should leave it out now.

after you find your way through, we can add instructions for fedora users to homepage.. :)

regards, bostjan
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