Re: [tablix-list] 0.2.0 configuration format

From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Sun Jan 09 2005 - 22:41:04 CET

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| If the central engine is to achieve an improvement in versatility, it
| should surely be able to be given a list of resources (teachers,
| classrooms, pupils, etc.) and then told which are pre-allocated and
| which are to be juggled in the hope of finding a solution?

Yes. That was the idea behind the kernel modifications for 0.2.0
release. In the case you described, teachers and time would be listed
under "coordinates" and classes and classrooms would be "resources".

Perhaps it would be better to forget about resources and just name the
tags in the XML file "variables" for things that get assigned by the
genetic algorithm and "constants" for things that are pre-allocated.

I think it would be confusing if everything would be under "resources",
because from the kernel and module API point of why, dynamic and static
parts of the timetables are (and probably will be in 0.2.0) accessed in
very different ways.

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Tomaz Solc
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