Re: [tablix-list] 0.2.0 configuration format

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Sun Jan 09 2005 - 20:58:37 CET


Sorry, I forgot to answer the first part of your email.

I'm using redhat Core 1 that I patched up with the latest versions of the
dependencies listed on the gtablix web site.

I have another redhat Core 1 machine that I tried using CPAN to install LibXML
on and this worked although I can't run gtablix on it as I don't have all the
other bits!

I have redhat Core 3 to upgrade to as soon as I can...

Kind Regards

Nick Robinson

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On Sunday 09 January 2005 09:45, Boštjan Špetič wrote:
> On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 09:22:16 +0000, Nicholas Robinson
<> wrote:
> > I did send you an email in response to your earlier offer to help me get
> > it working, but I got no answer. The latest version gives fewer and
> > different errors but still won't work. In this more recent case, it seems
> > that I have LibXML loaded according to cpan (which I've now got working)
> > but seems to be missing. According to the dependencies, this
> > can't happen!
> i am really sorry for this confusion, i never received your e-mail. it may
> be due to some mail server problems my hosting organization had. the last
> mail i received from you dates back in 27.11.
> so anyway, it'd be useful to know what distribution you are using. some
> distributions don't have very reliable cpan support / they don't set the
> search path for modules as it should be. on debian i had no problems, on
> fedora / redhat always.
> you can try searching for the file manually, with "locate" and if
> it returns nothing, as root "updatedb", and then again locate... you should
> get the exact location of the file. you can then temporarily get it working
> by putting use lib 'PATH_TO_MODULE';
> before other use statements... yes, it's ugly, it's a hack, but should get
> you started.
> oh, i forgot, libxml is not all you need. the parser package is something
> like libxml-libxml or XML::LibXML...
> regards, bostjan

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