Re: [tablix-list] 0.2.0 configuration format

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Sun Jan 09 2005 - 10:22:16 CET

I did send you an email in response to your earlier offer to help me get it
working, but I got no answer. The latest version gives fewer and different
errors but still won't work. In this more recent case, it seems that I have
LibXML loaded according to cpan (which I've now got working) but
seems to be missing. According to the dependencies, this can't happen!


On Saturday 08 January 2005 11:35, Boštjan Špetič wrote:
> > | 3. Point 2 can be addressed by the implementation of a complete user
> > | interface to generate the input file - but gtablix is broken for me
> > | (it has been for about six weeks) and wasn't complete the last time I
> > | was able to use it. A critical component that is independent and so
> > | outwith the control of the core project doesn't seem the best design
> > | philosophy.
> >
> > My design philosophy is to separate the interface from the engine. This
> > is the case with most unix software and I intend to stick to it.
> i am very unhappy to hear this. i worked quite hard this past month,
> improving just about anything i could think of. if you actually wanted to
> use gtablix again and it didn't work, please send me an email. there are
> debian packages avaliable now, i've used them on two different systems.
> since tomaz is doing a rewrite, i'll probably have to follow, if there will
> be any interest. this will mean a large rewrite of gtablix also, so any
> design flaws can be corrected. i'm open for suggestions. after the
> modifications, gtablix could1 probably be able to open/close the older and
> the newer tablix file format.
> i don't think, that there is a problem in separation of the two projects,
> but rather in the fact, that gtablix is much younger project with almost no
> user response.
> oh, btw, gtablix has new web page:
> regards, bostjan

Kind Regards
Nick Robinson
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