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From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 22:12:58 CET

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| - why aren't the classrooms treated as resources also? it's always
| nice to have things unified.

I agree, but classrooms are quite different from teachers and classes.
Tablix works by assigning each tuple of resources (teacher, class) a
tuple of coordinates (time, place). What I call "coordinates" is the
dynamic part of the timetable. "resources" are the static part.

This division also comes from the kernel. "coordinates" of an event are
stored in chromosomes. "resources" are stored in the static
(soon-to-be-renamed) "tuplemap" struct.

Again, these terms may not be the correct ones, but this is the best I
could think of.

| - so the user will end up with a timetable of teacher-class-room
| cells? and then we'll get modules, that will attach subject
| informations back to them? i don't see why is this useful, but it's
| quite intriguing though... maybe give an event a name also?

Yes, giving a name to each event could replace the definition of
subjects. At least as far as printing the final result is concerned (so
that the HTML page for example would still read "room, teacher, subject"

I don't really see why modules would want to attach subject information
to tuples. Current modules that defined "subject restrictions" were in
fact only "tuple restriction" modules that worked on a whole bunch of
tuples together. Setting a "subject restriction" was just a shortcut for
setting "tuple restrictions" on all tuples with the same subject (for
example: "" and "" modules). Such
shortcuts could be implemented a layer higher, not on the kernel level.

| - in the scope of these two comments, why not make all eleents have
| "name"'s, and not some 'name's and some "id"'s...

I thought time slots, classrooms (the values for the different
"coordinates") would have ids and resources would have "names", to add
some more distinction.

Maybe I forgot to mention. The wiki is public - so if anyone has any
ideas, feel free to write your own draft or modify the existing one.

Best regards
Tomaz Solc
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