Re: [tablix-list] 0.2.0 configuration format

From: Boštjan Špetič <>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 20:10:48 CET

> ~From the user standpoint, the new format has two significant changes:
> Tablix will no longer have any knowledge of "subjects". The scheduling
> is based only on teacher-class pairs.
> The current format has information for a timetable of a single class
> neatly packaged under a single <timetable> tag. The new format no longer
> enforces that. Timetable of a single class is composed of multiple
> <event> tags. Information for all classes is under the <events> tag.
> This makes the configuration file less readable and more typing is
> required to construct the file by hand.
> Would these changes make a lot of problems? Does anyone find this new
> format particularly unsuitable for his or her needs? I haven't yet begun
> to change the XML parser so any comments and suggestions are welcome.

- why aren't the classrooms treated as resources also? it's always nice to have things unified.

- so the user will end up with a timetable of teacher-class-room cells?
        and then we'll get modules, that will attach subject informations back to them?
        i don't see why is this useful, but it's quite intriguing though...
        maybe give an event a name also?

- in the scope of these two comments, why not make all eleents have "name"'s, and not some 'name's and some "id"'s...

regards, bostjan
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