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From: Tomaz Solc <tomaz.solcREMOVE@THISsiol.net>
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 19:52:42 CET

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I've been thinking about the new XML configuration format for the 0.2.0
branch. I've considered using TTML (see link on wiki), but I can't find
a full specification of the format, only a few limited examples. Also it
does not seem to be very flexible regarding various constraints, like
those provided by Tablix modules.

I've written an example of how I imagine the new configuration format
will look like. You can find it at the following address:


The format reflects the changes I'm planning to make in the kernel. The
new kernel will be also able to handle timetabling problems that are not
directly related to schools. However, high school scheduling will remain
the focus of this program.

~From the user standpoint, the new format has two significant changes:

Tablix will no longer have any knowledge of "subjects". The scheduling
is based only on teacher-class pairs.

The current format has information for a timetable of a single class
neatly packaged under a single <timetable> tag. The new format no longer
enforces that. Timetable of a single class is composed of multiple
<event> tags. Information for all classes is under the <events> tag.
This makes the configuration file less readable and more typing is
required to construct the file by hand.

Would these changes make a lot of problems? Does anyone find this new
format particularly unsuitable for his or her needs? I haven't yet begun
to change the XML parser so any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Best regards
Tomaz Solc
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