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Date: Mon Dec 27 2004 - 08:44:04 CET

A small, yet vital mistake in sending my earlier message....


attached mail follows:

I've updated some of my earlier contributions:

1. export_htmlcsv - added field/column names to ease post-processing (i.e.
datapilot/pivottable, sorting, etc.)
2. export_html - removed debug I'd left lurking in the code.
3. export_htmlcss - added room timetable as per export_html and added default
style sheet

The reason I hadn't used htmlcss before was that, when viewed without a
stylesheet, it's pretty hideous. I hestitate to say it's "undocumented" but
it is certainly too difficult for this male to have found it yet! Having
delved in the code, I found the way to embed the style sheet by the -s option
and it looks absolutely brilliant. I've made a change to the code so that if
there's no -s specified, it looks in:

/usr/local/share/tablix and if unsuccessful

to find a file called style.css that is readable. And if so, it will use this
as the default style sheet - thus no explicit -s is required.

I don't know how to mod the build files to make the directory and put style
sheet in the right place though.

You will probably gather that this is all so much displacement activity to
cope with the stress being caused by my inability to make any progress
towards getting a timetable that works. So hopefully someone will be stirred
to have a look at my earlier input file and see if they can help. It is
Christmas after all....

Kind Regards
Nick Robinson
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