Re: [tablix-list] Tablix roadmap

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 02:34:16 CET

Last one (tonight), I promise!

Would it be easy to get tablix to generate a file, say, on termination or more
often, a text file for each node that gives the details of the errors that
remain. Some errors are easy to spot, such as split double-periods. Others
are much harder to find.



On Monday 13 December 2004 19:13, TomaĹľ Ĺ olc wrote:
> Hi
> Following is a description of what is planned for Tablix in the next
> year. Suggestions and comments are welcome as always.
> Current Tablix kernel code is becoming increasingly hard to extend and
> maintain. Large parts of the code should be refactored to allow for
> greater modularity and readability. The Rottertablix project also
> helped me found a few spots where code could be more general, which
> would simplify modifications like this. Several important features are
> still implemented as rough hacks in the code (for example
> module) and should be properly implemented with an
> extended module API.
> Experience with Tablix so far showed that the current genetic algorithm
> is not very efficient with very constrained problems. Specially
> timetables with a large number of "place capability" restrictions in
> combination with different time constraints seem problematic. These
> limitations could be solved with a slightly different genetic
> algorithm. Changing the algorithm will most likely mean that most
> modules will need to be rewritten.
> All above modifications are planned to be included in the 0.2.0 release
> of Tablix, which will probably be finished sometime before the end of
> 2005. A few weeks ago I tagged BRANCH_0_2_0 in the CVS, so anyone
> interested in the Tablix development can it check out of repository. Be
> warned though that code in this branch is currently a big mess and will
> probably not even compile.
> Branch 0.1.0 will still be maintained until the release of 0.2.0. I
> expect two or three more stable releases of this branch, mostly to
> include contributed modules and to fix any bugs that may be discovered,
> but no new features will be added.
> Best regards
> Tomaz Solc
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