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From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 18:30:45 CET

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| re 1) 'cycle' might be a better term than week. I've already changed
| the source to use d-1, d-2 etc rather than mon, tues, etc

I'm aware that a number of things are probably not named correctly in
Tablix. I'm not a native English speaker and terms I've used incorrectly
in the first version have remained unchanged although I've learned the
correct word in the mean time.

0.2.0 will also change this. For example: the term "fitness" is usually
used instead of "grade", so I will correct this in the Tablix
documentation and the source code.

If "cycle" is the correct English word for the length of time after
which the timetable repeats itself, I will correct this of course. I was
in doubt because the direct translation to Slovene language ("cikel")
usually means something else in the timetabling context.

Do you have any other suggestions about changing terms used in Tablix?
I'm also in doubt if terms "subject", "class" and "period" are used

| re 2)this already happens in the real world where recess, lunch,
| duty, labs (just to name a few things) are not always of the same
| duration as each other. In a non-school situation I am aware of,
| time is assigned in 'units' where each unit may be, say ten minutes
| (or another convenient constant) long. So ELA classes might be, say,
| 8 units long and gym might be ten units long.

Implementing periods of variable length would greatly complicate the
algorithm. I was not aware that any school is using this kind of
scheduling. Here everything is scheduled into periods that are of fixed
length (45 minutes for example). Most lectures take one period, but some
take two or three.

On the other hand it is already quite possible to say that Tablix's
periods are only 10 minutes long. This would only require a new module
that would try to schedule a specified subject for ten consecutive
periods (something like "", only more flexible).

| re 3)for example, three different classes might have ELA separately
| with three different instructors but be grouped with one instructor
| for gym.

I think the "conflicts-with" restriction in the "" module is
already a powerful way to schedule various groups of students that share
classes. Maybe I didn't understand you suggestion correctly.

Best regards
Tomaz Solc
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