Mailing List? What Mailing List?

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 01:38:00 CET


I've posted five messages in the last week and a bit and all bar one of them
could have done with some sort of response. I've put in about 60 hours trying
to make tablix work and have offered two minor contributions, so far - both
of which have been completely ignored. As I understand it, that's how open
source works - you make contributions and get help but not necessarily in
that order.

OK, I'm new to timetabling and new to tablix so I've made a couple of silly
mistakes, but to be honest given the complexity of what I'm trying to do, the
lack of a front-end at the moment (I can't get the latest version of gtablix
working for love or money and the old one trashes my file) and the brief
documentation (which I'm happy to add to as another contribution) I don't
think I've done too badly.

I've got to the point where I have to decide whether to abandon tablix and
move on or make some progress with it.

If anyone's interested I've split my whole timetable down into three bits and
removed all the place-capability constraints. Two bits will generate good
timetables within seconds and the third bit gets stuck at two timeplace
errors for every instance on repeated runs. I can't see any significant
difference between the ones that work and the one that doesn't - but it must
be most likely that it is an error in my input file. -d 4 doesn't show

If anyone knows of a way of getting output from tablix that will tell me
exactly which tuples are clashing I'd be very grateful.

I don't know if these errors in a small part of the timetable could cause a
cascade effect when I try to solve the timetable as a whole or not and lead
to the 18 or so errors. Maybe the comment in Tomaz' email about the roadmap
is suggesting that heavily constrained timetables may not result in a
solution until 0.2 is released - but then I've taken all the constraints out
and it is still not finishing.

BTW I still can't get preferred-room to work - I've downloaded the latest
version from CVS and it still either objects or ignores the restrictions.

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