Re: [tablix-list] Still got gaps...

From: Nicholas Robinson <>
Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 22:43:03 CET

See in-line responses...
> | I had spotted this and removed it, but it didn't have any impact
> | because if you run tablix with -d 4 it says it Unknown subject
> | restriction: 'preferred-room' because they should be in the <subject>
> | within a <class>.
> I'm sorry, but this does not make any sense. This error message
> certainly did not show up when I tried it. The "preferred-room"
> restriction is used in the correct place in your file. This error would
> only show up if you haven't used the "" module.
> You can not use "preferred-room" as a tuple restriction (in the
> <subject> within a <class>)
> This usage of "preferred-room" is also completely ignored:
> <subject title="Eng" teacher="SH" perweek="7" preferred-room="SH">
Now I am confused. Try the attachment doesnotwork.xml again (same as the one I
sent earlier in the week) with -d3 or -d4 there are dozens of errors saying
you can't use 'preferred-room' where you are now saying it has to be. But you
seem to be saying that I am using in the correct place in the file and then
in the next sentence say that I can't use it where I am using it!!!!

It seems that it is ignored in the example above, because nothing ends up
being scheduled in the preferred rooms. But I get an error (only with -d3 or
[40024:xmlsup] Unknown subject restriction 'preferred-room' (line 99)

Corresponding to the lines:
        <subject title="Geo" teacher="SH">
                <restriction type="capability-place">classroom</restriction>
                <restriction type="preferred-room">SH</restriction>

I've checked that the CVS version you said to download contains the string
'preferred-room' and checked that this is the install binary/library I am
using. I've attached the source for subject_preferred.c ... is it the version
you are using? Both input files contain appropriate module lines.
> In your latest bhps.xml you are using a module ""
> that doesn't exist in the distribution. You should get an error, unless
> you have written it.
Yes, I have written it. Well, 'written' is a bit grand! It's a very minor
tweak to to weight restricted lessons towards the
afternoon. See my earlier email for notification of this.
> Regarding gaps in the timetable: As I said before, if there are no
> "" errors, that only means that no teacher and no student
> must be in two places at the same time.
> Because there are still "" errors, this means that more than
> one tuple can be scheduled in the same room at the same time.
> In the HTML file you can't see if there are two tuples scheduled for
> example for class 1-B in the first period on Monday. As far as the
> "" module is concerned, it is perfectly ok if class 1-B has
> all three french lessons scheduled in the same room at the same time.
> "" module is responsible for eliminating this kind of errors.

Hmmm... I understand (now!)

Can you think of a reason why timeplace isn't eliminating these errors? I
can't see any shortage of rooms with correct capabilities. If I change the
weights in favour of timeplace then I end up with a timetable that has some
sametime errors remaining (even after 8 hours).

Best Wishes


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