Re: [tablix-list] Still got gaps...

From: Tomaz Solc <>
Date: Fri Dec 03 2004 - 10:55:24 CET

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(Only half of my first mail was sent for some reason)

| Running tablix, the timetable rapidly reaches a point where there are
| no "sametime" errors, which I understand from reading the manual
| means that there should be no gaps in the timetable even if some of
| the lessons are scheduled to be in the same room at the same time.
| Yet when I look at the output I get loads and loads and loads and
| loads of gaps - far more than correspond to the number of timeplace
| errors plus placecapability errors. I've checked and re-checked the
| input file a dozen times and am as sure as I can be that there are no
| errors.

If "" module reports no errors that means that no students
and no teachers have to be in two places in the same time. It does not
care about gaps in the timetable.

If you don't like gaps in your timetables, you should use
"" and "" modules.

I've also took a closer look at the XML files you've sent in your
previous mails:

You have specified a number of conflicting restrictions: For example - a
lot of subjects have this combination of restrictions:

<restriction type="capability-place">field</restriction>
<restriction type="preferred-room">JW</restriction>

While classroom JW does not have a "field" capability. This means that
you are ordering Tablix to do two things: a) schedule this subject in
classroom JW and b) do not schedule this subject in classroom JW.

Another example:

<subject title="Games3" teacher="SH" perweek="1" room="Gamesfield 1">
<restriction type="double-period">Games3</restriction>

This is obviously impossible to solve. This is not how "double-period"
is used. Check the documentation. Also the "room" property is ignored in
this case, because of specified "perweek".

Also I suggest removing all modules you do not use, because every module
you specify in the XML file slows down Tablix.

In one of your previous mails, you mentioned that Tablix did not report
an error even though two classrooms were not defined in the
configuration. That is strange and maybe there is something wrong with
your installation although I can't imagine what could cause Tablix to
behave like this.

I suggest you read carefully through your configuration and remove all
the errors I mentioned above. I'm sure you will also find some more. If
you still have problems, send another mail with your new XML file and
describe the problems you have with the attached file. It is hard to
follow all your mails and while not having the exact configuration you
are talking about.

Best regards
Tomaz Solc
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